Restore SQL Server Database

In this article, we will see steps for restoring a SQL Server database from backup file.

Step 1. Connect to SQL Server using SQL Server Management Studio

Step 2.Create a new database or select an existing database. Right click on database and select Tasks >> Restore >> Database.

Step 3. After clicking as per step 2, below screen will appear. Select Device radio button.

Click on button next to device radio button as highlighted in above screenshot.

Step 4. A popup screen will appear , click on Add button

Below screen will appear for selecting the backup file. Browse and select database backup file.

Click on OK button

Step 5. Click OK on all subsequent screens. Finally below screen will appear:

Click on options as shown in above screenshot. Below screen will appear:

Step 6. Select highlighted checkbox to overwrite existing database and click OK. Now restore process will start and will restore the database.

Below is the link for taking database backup :

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