Azure Overview

Azure is a collection of cloud computing services offered by Microsoft. We can build, manage and deploy applications using Azure. Azure has various capabilities in the form of computing services to run software packages, to provide storage through storage services and providing a framework that supports multiple applications, hosting and managing services. Using Azure we can create virtual machines.

Create Azure Account

Please visit URL for creating a free azure account. You need to provide your credit card details for verification. After successful signup, you will receive approx $200 for 30 days to explore Azure services.

Azure Dashboard

After registration , login with credentials, you will be redirected to Dashboard, below is the screenshot of Dashboard:

Azure Dashboard

You can access all Azure services from Dashboard. You can create App Service for deploying web application or you can create storage account for creating Blob or Table.


In azure, resource represents a service or entity. Virtual machines, storage accounts or App service all are resources. You can click on individual resource types like Storage accounts, SQL Database or App Service to start using these. Alternatively you can click on “Create a resource” link in top left on Dashboard and after that you can select desired resource to begin with.

Resource Group

When we have many resources then for better management we can create resource group and assign resources in resource group. Lets create resource group. Click on Resource Group link from left menu:

Resource Group
Resource Group List Page

On Resource Group List page click on Add button, below screen will appear:

Create Resource Group Page

First drop down Subscription denotes Azure subscription either Free or Paid. Select a data center by selecting Region drop down which is near to your location. Enter Resource Group Name and click on “Review + Create” button , after that finally click on “Create” button, resource group will be created. It takes some time to create it.

Please note , Data center which you have just selected will store only resource group metadata information , it will not store actual resource. We will select data center for resource when we will create actual resource.

Creating a Resource

On Dashboard, click on “Create a resource” button, below screen will appear:

New Resource Page

From this page you can select resources which are displayed here or you can search desired resource.

In this article we have seen Azure overview, resources and resources groups. There will be multiple articles published for Azure. Please like our Facebook page for getting new posts update.

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