Vijendra Kushwaha

C# Interview Questions

1. Does C# support multiple-inheritance? Answer: No 2. What is the top .NET class from which everything is derived? Answer: System.Object 3. What is the difference between String and StringBuilder classes? Answer: String is immutable. If we update value in string variable then always new instance is created instead of updating actual variable. StringBuilder is …

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Layout Views

Layout views in MVC are similar to Master pages in ASP.Net. Layout view contains page template. Layout view contains common part of page such as header, sidebar, menu and footer. Generally there are few layout view and multiple views. If we want same header , footer and side bar on multiple pages then we can …

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MVC Articles

MVC tutorials list for step by step learning ASP.Net MVC fundamentals and practical implementation of MVC concepts using Visual Studio

Shared View in MVC

Any view that can be used by multiple controllers is known as shared view. It is placed in ‘Views\Shared’ folder. There can be more than one shared view in MVC application. For example , there are two controllers ‘Customer’ and ‘Agent’. We want to display same Contact view for both controllers. Action method Contact() will …

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Razor Advanced Syntax

In this article, I will explain advanced syntax in Razor. Please read my previous article Razor Syntax before reading this article, I have used project sample from article Razor Syntax . Conditions in Razor We can use ‘If else’ in Razor to display content based on some conditions. For example, if OrderAmount is greater than …

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Razor Syntax

Whenever we create a View with .cshtml extension, then View is called as Razor View. In Razor View, we can use C# and html together. Now I will create a view and pass data dynamically to the view and use Razor syntax to display that data. I have created an action method CustomerDetails() in Home …

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View Engine in MVC

MVC View can contain html and server side code such as C# and VB.Net. Browser can understand only html. Browser can not understand C# or VB.Net code. We can create a View in MVC based on View Engine and we have to write code in View as per selected View Engine. View Engine processes View …

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